Jerry Salzano Baseball Academy

Professional Baseball Instruction – Specializing in Hitting and Pitching

Hamilton Square, NJ 08690   (609) 577-8384

2017 Camp is Here!

  • Over 11 years of Professional Baseball Experience
  • Positive training experience for your child as well as for Parents.
  • Uses the same techniques used by professional Major League Baseball coaches

Jerry_Sox2-155x194-204x255Jerry Salzano’s Baseball Academy, located in central New Jersey, offers instructional baseball lessons in hitting, pitching, fielding and catching to players of age 5 through
college. Classes are structured to meet the needs of students. Instructions range from teaching basic skills and fundamentals to proper mechanics to the mental aspect of
the game.

In his career Jerry Salzano has absorbed an astonishing amount of knowledge about the game of baseball. He has an astounding ability to impart that information to young players, “turn the page” on their development and improve their quality of play that is what makes Jerry and his baseball academy so special.

Jerry has a unique way of encouraging his students to improve including in-house competition and rewarding
students for excelling in their drills.


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